Safe haven DeFi and wallet

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YCB - Your Crypto Bank

Safe haven DeFi and wallet. Leverage your time and funds by utilizing YCB Features.

Your very own designated passport to utilize many benefit in YCB projects.


Enable you to partipicate yield DeFi in YCB Project.

Stay tune! for more features.

YCB Passport will be your pass to join DeFi activity in YCB Project, There will be many type of passport with many DeFi available in future.

Creating passport is free!

Everything you need

Special pass

Detailed about all feature participation, monitoring, and activity will be shown here. All activity reported.

  • Share profit staking yield
  • Farmer DeFi
  • Many more incoming feature in future

Milestone expectation

The dates of feature release in YCB, can change due to unexpected event.
  1. CSwap

    Allowing you to easily swap crypto, simple, fast, no required kyc, and multichain.

    Check it out!
  2. Token Sales

    Token listing for partner or community.

    Check it out!
  3. Passport Finance

    Secured pass for joining Defi Activity in YCB ecosystem.

    Check it out!
  4. Yield Farming

    Yield farming tokens or coins.

    Check it out!
  5. YCB Swap

    Hybrid DEX swap for any tokens or coins.

  6. Secured Wallet

  7. Decentralized Secured P2P

    P2P transaction with secured wallet smart contract integration

  8. More incoming

    Always building and improve! Check telegram news to stay updated!

    Check it out!